D Day Tours of Normandy

Safety and respect for all

Your safety is always our first priority. Please take a few moments to read these few lines about safety whilst battlefield touring with us.

Battlefield touring can be an extremely interesting and even emotional experience. It is fair to say that the residents of Normandy are used to visitors and battlefield tourers and generally will do their best to help if you encounter problems. However some tour sites are off the beaten track and you can expect some puzzled looks from the locals. In all cases we have tried to ensure that tours are on public land, or viewable from public rights of way. However, in the unlikely event that you are asked to leave a site please do so immediately and by the most direct route.

Never remove souvenirs from the battlefields. Even today it is not unknown for farmers to turn up relics of the 1944 fighting. Taking these without permission may not only be illegal but can be extremely dangerous.

Be careful when investigating fortifications. Some of the more frequently visited sites are well preserved. However some positions have been left to decay and carry risks to the unwary. In particular, remember that many of these places were the scenes of heavy fighting or subsequent demolitions which may have caused severe structural damage.

Under no circumstances should underground bunkers, chambers and tunnels be entered. Care should always be taken when examining above ground structures. Be aware of uneven ground from rough paths to rabbit holes to shell craters, please keep to footpaths. Do not touch barbed wire.

When visiting war cemeteries we ask that you behave in a polite respectful manner that shows consideration for others and for the fallen.

Parents or Responsible Adults with children are asked to ensure they are well behaved.

We do not accept responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to personal valuables or property belonging to customers on our tour.

In short, we ask you to act with reasonable common sense and behave in an appropriate manner beneficial to all.


Thank you.