Guided D-Day tour following the specific soldiers, units or regiments

Canadian Cemetery Benu sur Mer. D Day Tours Normandy. Malcolm Clough

Canadian Cemetery at Beny sur Mer, Normandy. A family member pays respects to Pvt Lionel Thomas Ahier, North Shore Regiment, R.C.I.C

We know where virtually every unit came ashore on D-Day and we can follow the progress of nearly every group of soldiers. We can track individual battalions across Normandy, and you can follow in the footsteps of a family member or a regiment or unit in which you have a specific interest.

The following would be typical of this type of tour.  Recently, we created a one-day tour for a guest who wanted to know about his mother’s cousin who fought with the Royal Warwickshires. We took him to some of their key battle sites and we found where his battalion was on the day he was killed, showing him exactly where the engagements took place and giving a good overview of his relative’s last movements. We took him to the grave at Bayeux where he placed a poppy cross on his relative’s grave. We can research individuals through the Commonwealth War Graves Commission or Forces War records.

This type of ad-hoc research, combined with Malcolm’s detailed knowledge of the events of D-Day and its aftermath make for very interesting and individual itineraries.


Testimonials like the one below mean a lot to us. We feel privileged to be able to relate specific stories about these heroic men.

Stephanie and I are finally back from our French trip and write to express our profound appreciation for your company/services last week. Not only did you enlighten us as to the events on the D Day beaches and beyond, but you made us feel we were touring with a kindred spirit.

We have much more of an understanding for the role Steph’s father played in the war, which whilst emotional, especially for Steph, only increases our pride of him – especially having seen the exact places where he fought and some of his friends fell.
It was frighteningly easy to picture him defending the troops with his machine gun in the various woods, fields and ridges on our trip. This was his story. Having now visited Normandy and the battlegrounds, I can understand why he chose not to tell it. But it was important to Steph and I that it was told, and that his children and grandchildren know what he did. You bought that story to life for us with both facts and understanding, and we thank you. … It looked like it was a great deal of work for you, but rest assured every second of it was absorbed by us with great gratitude….

David & Stephanie Buckle, Folkstone, Kent


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