508th PIR Memorial Garden

Last autumn, I had the pleasure of taking Vane Crandell in the footsteps of his father, Combat Medic Vane L Crandell (Snr) 82nd Airborne Division. Our visit culminated in a moment of remembrance at the 508th PIR Memorial Garden at Chef du Pont.

The garden was established in 2018 to commemorate the 74th anniversary of the regiment’s participation in the D-Day landings and the Normandy Invasion.

The garden features a large stone monument inscribed with the names of the soldiers who died during the regiment’s campaign in Normandy, as well as a memorial plaque honoring the regiment’s commander, Colonel Roy E. Lindquist. The garden also includes a pathway lined with commemorative bricks inscribed with the names of individual soldiers and their units.

The 508th PIR played a key role in the D-Day landings. The regiment’s soldiers fought bravely during the Normandy campaign and were instrumental in the liberation of the town of Chef du Pont.

The 508th PIR Memorial Garden is open to the public and serves as a place of reflection and remembrance for the soldiers who fought and died during World War II. The garden is maintained by the town of Chef du Pont..