Kind words from New York’s finest tour guide

D Day Tours Normandy Invasion

Alison and I had the pleasure of meeting Sheldon and Debby Lapidus from Best New York Tours in March 2018. At the time we didn’t know that Sheldon was a professional tour guide as he only told us just before they left. We were all the more pleased to get such a fine endorsement from such a distinguished professional. Thanks Sheldon and Debby. It was a great pleasure to meet you and I enjoyed the tour every bit as much as you did.

Here’s what Sheldon had to say:


It’s barely a week since we returned home to the states from a wonderfully memorable trip, of which you and Malcolm were such a big part.

I think that by now, Malcolm might have mentioned to you what I had revealed to him in the last few moments of our tour – I am a Private Tour Guide in New York.

Of course I did not want to reveal that info prior to or during our tour with Malcolm, because I knew it could make a fellow guide just a wee bit uncomfortable about being judged.

Malcolm was a masterful tour guide and mad our tour of the D-Day Beaches and the Normandy area so much more remarkable, revealing, but most importantly – moving.

The best tour guides, have a real knack for relating stories that bring history alive and Malcolm has the passion and the interest in the subject that make the D-day experience with him something very special.

…I wanted to thank you for being so accommodating at the last minute (twice)…  Thanks for offering to put us up at your property and then eventually changing our private tour date that allowed us to catch a ride to Mont St. Michel.

Also, your lunch box you prepared for our tour day was delicious – in particular the ham and cheese baguette, and the wonderful homemade apple cake dessert – loved it. Good job !

Malcolm, like me, has found later in life, what he is truly built to do – relate incredibly important history that changed the world (in a very positive way) and show where it all happened.