General George S Patton. Lucky Forward, Nehou, Normandy


George S patton Memorial Sherman Tank

General George Patton arrived in Normandy on 6th July 1944, a month after the D-Day landings of 6th June. Until then he had played a crucial role in the allied deception plan Operation Fortitude, convincing the Germans that he would lead a landing in the Pas de Calais. Patton’s presence in Normandy was still a secret. His U.S. 3rd Army did not become active untill 1st August. The memorials here at Nehou near Briquebec (Code name ‘Lucky Forward’) commemorate Patton’s arrival in Normandy and the establishment of his first field Head Quarters.


Lucky Forward Camp. George S Patton

Canp Patton Lucky Forward Normandy


General Patton Memorial Plaque Normandy


Patton Memorial Lucky Forward


Camp Patton Nehoy, Normandy. Lucky Forward